Essential oils can be thought of as the 'active ingredients' in the product. Massage your blend into the scalp daily. Some recommend wrapping the scalp with a warm, moist towel afterward to open the pores and enhance absorption. This can be done before bed, and you may want to use a cover for your bedding to provide protection from the oils. Essential oils can also be added to your current shampoos and conditioners.

BERGAMOT - Extracted from the rind of the fruit, bergamot is a bright, fresh and invigorating oil with a mellow citrus aroma. It helps to treat skin conditions, revitalizes and lifts the mood. Its antiseptic qualities help to cleanse and purify the skin, soothing irritation and blemishes

CARROT ROOT - High in carotenes and other antioxidants, Carrot oil is exceptional for stimulating and regenerating skin and follicle cells. Retin-A, containing tretinoin (a form of vitamin A), has long been used alone or with Rogain to support hair growth for men with hair loss due to male pattern baldness. Carrot oil is actually a super-critical extract of carrot root emulsified in Jojoba oil (it is one of the few CO2 essential oils that is solid in its pure form). It may be one of the most beneficial oils for people experiencing hair loss of all types, and can support healthy hair growth for everyone.

CARROT SEED - Mentioned in the aroma literature for invigorating pallid and dull skin, can do the same for hair follicles. May be especially useful where detoxification is necessary; noted specifically for folks whom have been exposed to environmental toxins (polluted urban areas,office environments, significant automobile commuting time, etc.).

CEDARWOOD - Some people may be experiencing less than optimal hair growth or hair loss from bacterial or other infections, or from immune system deficiencies. Cedarwood is one of the essential oils in a blend successfully studied for alopecia areata (along with Thyme, Lavender and Rosemary, based in Jojoba and Grape seed).

CHAMOMILE, GERMAN - One of aromatherapy's most effective agents for reducing inflammation. Hair loss is sometimes attributed to inflammation in the scalp and follicles, resulting in less-than-ideal cellular function. Some even attribute hair loss to an over-heated scalp. German Chamomile is both anti-inflammatory and cooling, with a pleasant sweet herbaceous aroma.

CLARY SAGE - Proper hormone balance is crucial for both genders when considering the health of hair. Clary Sage is thought to balance estrogen levels in the skin and scalp, and can be of particular help for women of maturity.

CLOVE - Antiseptic and a very potent antioxidant (one of the most potent natural antioxidants ever tested, at over 100,000 on the ORAC scale). Can increase circulation, and may be of best support for stimulating new hair growth. For scalp circulation stimulation, Black Pepper may also be used.

CYPRESS - Included in formulas for increased circulation and capillary strength. It is important to have good blood circulation to the follicles for optimal hair growth. Many regimens for treating hair loss include Ginko and other herbs specifically for increasing circulation in the scalp.

GERANIUM - Distilled from the leaves, geranium is a rosy, refreshing and intense oil with a sweet floral aroma. It re-balances combination skin and harmonizes the emotions. Geranium balances the production of sebum in the skin, while keeping it supple and helping to soothe and heal irritation.

GINGER - Warm, spicy, and energizing, ginger oil comes from ginger root (Zingiber officinale). Ginger juice is often applied topically to treat several skin issues. Ginger contains about 40 antioxidant compounds that protect against aging. It improves the appearance of your skin by removing toxins and stimulating circulation, resulting in delivery of more nutrients to the skin. The antioxidants prevent damage from free radicals, thus preserving the youthful appearance of the skin. It improves elasticity making your skin more firm and youthful, and slows the signs of aging. Applying fresh ginger juice can give relief from the pain as well as heal burnt skin by restoring it to the natural position. As an antiseptic and cleansing agent, ginger helps to keep the skin clean, smooth and free of blemishes. It is also the best natural acne fighting weapon as it minimizes the rate of acne formation and eruption by killing and clearing the acne causing bacteria. Ginger is known for its aphrodisiac, antioxidant and toning properties which contribute to radiant skin.

LAVENDER - Found in hair formulas for all types of hair and scalp conditions. Balancing,soothing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. The most commonly used oil for stress reduction. If stress is playing any part in preventing you from having the head of hair you'd like, add a little Lavender!

LEMON - Lemon oil is a good remedy for increasing the luster of dull skin. It is astringent and detoxifying in nature, and rejuvenates sagging or tired-looking skin. Its antiseptic properties help in treating pimples and various skin disorders. Lemon is also recommended for reducing excessive oil on the skin.

LEMON GRASS - Lemongrass oil is a good choice to increase your skin’s glowing appearance because of its detoxifying and regenerative qualities. This native Indian and Sri Lankan oil will help minimize bacterial or microbial growth on your skin. It can be used as a fungicidal, astringent, and a way to minimize pores.

LIME - Extracted from the rind of the fruit, lime is a lively, stimulating and uplifting oil with a bittersweet citrus aroma. It refreshes and restores a tired mind, relieves stress. Lemon also purifies the skin and stimulates cell renewal.

MYRTLE - A balancer of scalp oils, particularly useful where over-production of sebum may be clogging the pores and follicles of the scalp. A natural, gentle antiseptic; also considered regenerative.

PALMAROSA - Extracted from the dried grass harvested before it flowers, palmarosa oil has a sweet floral aroma with a hint of rose. It relieves stiff and sore muscles while calming the mind and uplifting and invigorating the spirits. Clears confusion, muddled thinking. Palmarosa balances skin hydration level and stimulates cell regeneration. It also helps keep skin supple and elastic and is valuable for use with skin conditions such as acne and dermatitis.

PATCHOULI - Extracted from the leaves of the herb, patchouli is an earthy, spicy and mystical oil with a sweet woody aroma. It unwinds the mind and relaxes the body, calming and soothing with its sensual aroma. Patchouli helps heal and stimulate the growth of new skin cells, and is great for both oily and dry skins

PEPPERMINT - Extracted from the herb, peppermint is a strong, menthol-rich and refreshing oil with a sharp herby fragrance. It clears the mind and alerts the senses. Peppermint deep-cleanses the skin, and as a natural antiseptic combats skin problems and clears complexion.

ROSE GERANIUM - Extracted from the rose geranium plant, it has a sweet and rosy smell with a mint overtone. Rose Geranium has a balancing effect on the nervous system and relieves stress and anxiety by lifting the spirits. It helps to balance the secretion of sebum and clears dull or sluggish skin. Its antiseptic properties make this oil an effective aid to help with skin irritation or problems.

ROSEMARY - One of the premier hair growth enhancing essential oils, rosemary is found in many preparations for hair and scalp. Thought to increase cellular metabolism, thereby stimulating healthy hair growth. Use the Verbenone type if regenerative properties are desired (may be most useful for supporting treatment of hair loss). Successfully used in alopecia areata treatment.

SAGE - Highly regarded for hair growth, with stimulating properties found in Rosemary - along with hormone balancing of Clary Sage. Can balance scalp oils, and is found in blends for scar reduction and skin regeneration. Not for children or if pregnant.

SEA BUCKTHORN - Noted as enhancing skin and scalp health for every skin type and even every imbalance. Highly nutritive, potent antioxidant and regenerative. Due to high carotene content, will tend to leave the scalp with a little red color for a while after applied - be careful not to stain clothes and bedding. May prevent UV damage, which has been implicated in reducing energy in hair follicles. This is an amazing oil, well worth its berry-redness!

SWEET ORANGE - Extracted from the rind of the fruit, orange is a zesty, refreshing and sunny oil with a rounded citrus aroma. Creates the feeling of happiness and warmth, while calming nervous digestive problems. Eliminates toxins and stimulates the lymphatic system while supporting collagen formation in the skin.

TANGERINE - A beautifully fragrant oil which is often overlooked but rich in therapeutic properties for the mind, body and skin. It has a fresh, sweet, citrus scent with a delicate top note and a warming bottom note. Tangerine oil is extracted from Citrus reticulata of the Rutaceae family and is also known as European mandarin, naartjie and true mandarin. Although the tangerine tree is most commonly found in southern Europe, South America, and Japan, the tangerine tree originated in China. The pure essential oil comes from the outer peel of the tangerine. The tangerine peel is pressed, and from it comes the flowery, sweet aroma scent associated with the oil. This oil is believed to improve mood and "relieve anxiety". The oil is really a happy oil, as the smell of the oil gives you the feeling of cleanliness. It is safe for all ages, and children especially enjoy the aroma of the oil. Tangerine oil has various benefits when used in skin care product formulations such as refining the texture of the skin, while also having good antiseptic and cell rejuvenating properties.

TEA TREE - Tea tree oil is great for oily and sensitive skin. For acne sufferers, this oil is known to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide but without the harsh side effects. Like lavender oil, it has anti-fungal and antibacterial qualities. Use this oil to help repair your skin naturally, as it can treat minor cuts, scrapes, and burns, as well as gently sooth and cleanse skin.

YLANG YLANG - Like Lavender, it is thought to reduce stress. Long used to increase the thickness of the hair shaft and to grow thicker hair. Can have a balancing effect on scalp oil production, and may help with split ends.

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