Infused Tonic - $25

For all hair types (8 oz.)

Rich in vitamins: Promotes healthy hair and increases shine; tones, nourishes and revitalizes to leave skin fresh!
DIRECTIONS - FOR HAIR OR SKIN: Shake well. Apply small amount as desired. Leave in hair for best results.
​INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera juice; rosemary & lavender hydrosol; rosehip, raspberry, pomegranate, chamomile & licorice-infused tea; fig extract; apple cider vinegar; baobab, passion fruit, marula, & foraha oils; Vitamins A, B & E; and Simply Natural Essential Oil (EO) blend

Jolie Curl - $25

For curly hair (4 oz.)

Leave in to nourish and define your curls!
DIRECTIONS: Apply small amount as desired. Leave in hair for best results. Store in a cool, dry place.
​INGREDIENTS: Blend of argan, marula, shea, coconut & foraha oils; Aloe vera juice; coconut milk; flaxseed gels; Vitamins B & E; Allspice essential oil (EO) blend; and more

La Plage Hair Mist Proteins - $25

For all hair types (8 oz.)

Protein hair mist encourages beautiful waves in your hair and gives you healthy, smooth hair that shines!
DIRECTIONS: Use on dry or slightly damp hair. Work through hair with your fingers to get that beautiful “beach hair” look!
INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera juice; bamboo, sea kelp & algae extracts; a blend of oils (kukui nut, jojoba, macadamia, avocado,  grapefruit, foraha); a blend of essential oils (lavendar, ylang ylang, vanilla, sweet orange, grapefruit); and Vitamins B-5 & E.


Refreshes and nourishes with 100% natural ingredients.

Simply Natural Madagascar products are made with CARRIER OILS and ESSENTIAL OILS

All Natural Shampoo - $25

For dry hair (16 oz.)

Leaves hair soft, healthy, & silky, nourishes and moisturizes, strengthens weak hair, and stimulates hair growth!
INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera juice; rosemary-infused water; silk protein; decyl glucoside (corn); rosemary-infused blend oils; olive, grape seed, castor, & carrot seed oils; Botanical complex (horsetail, yarrow leaf, sage leaf, nettle leaf, & lavender flower extracts); Panthenol Vitamin B-5; Vitamin E; rosemary, lavender & ylang ylang EO.

Nourishing Hair Butter -

$20 - For all hair types (2 oz.)

Revitalize your hair’s beauty with this unique blend of natural oils.
INGREDIENTS: Shea butter, coconut, apricot kernel, sweet almond and pure Madagascar vanilla oils; with lavender & Vitamin E.

Tsara Be Deeply Restorative

Smoothing Hair Oil - $20

For all hair types (4 oz.)

Makes hair healthy, shiny and silky! Treats split ends! Rejuvenates hair growth!
​INGREDIENTS: A unique blend of baobab, argan, coconut & shea oils; with vanilla, tropical oils, rosemary extract and Vitamin E.

All Natural Shampoo - $25

For oily hair (16 oz.)

Reduces oiliness of hair, leaves hair clean, fresh and healthy, prevents damaged hair, and promotes hair growth!
​INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera & lemon juice; apple cidar vinegar; bamboo extract; decyl glucoside (corn);  olive, grape seed, & lemon-infused oils; Panthenol Vitamin B-5; Vitamin E; lemon grass, tea tree, rosemary, honey, & sweet orange EO.

Herbal Conditioner Hair Lotion

$15 - For all hair types (4 oz.)

Refreshes hair! Stimulates hair growth! Restores natural beauty!
DIRECTIONS: Apply small amount and massage through hair. Leave in for glossyhair and good circulation.
INGREDIENTSRosemary juice;rosemary-infused, grape seed, olive& sweet almond oils; pineapple, sage& rosemary hydrosols; honeysuckle; Vitamins B & E; tea tree, rosemary & citrus blend EO

Soothing Hair Massage Oil

$20 - For all hair types (4 oz.)

Massaging your scalp with oil can increase hair growth. Oil hair twice a week for great hair that is stronger, softer and shinier.
INGREDIENTS: Lemon, basil, cedarwood, clove, lavender, ginger, grape seed & jojoba oils; and rosemary, basil, ylang ylang & thyme essential oils.


Tonic - $25 For all hair types (8 oz.)

Promotes hair growth! Makes hair healthier and stronger! Helps reduce dandruff! Tones skin as well.
DIRECTIONS: Apply small amount and massage through hair or on skin. Leave on for glossy hair and beauty skin.
​INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera & Rosemary/Ginger-infused juices; grape seed/olive/jojoba botanical complex; and sweet orange, rosemary, & ginger EO

Hot Oil Treatment - $20

Hair Growth Formula (4 oz.)

Stimulate your hair’s natural growth potential with this exotic oil blend!
DIRECTIONS: Apply several drops on your dry or damp hair and wrap a warm towel around your head for 30 minutes.
​INGREDIENTS: Argan, baobab, jojoba, & sweet almond oils; a warm lemon grass/ylang ylang essential oil blend; and Vitamin E.

All Natural Tonic Shampoo - $25

For all hair types (16 oz.)

Revitalizes your hair, reduces hair loss, nourishes and moisturizes, and strengthens weak hair!
​INGREDIENTS:Aloe vera & fresh ginger juices; chamomile, bamboo, & milk thistle extracts; cocoa glucoside; olive, carrot, jojoba, avocado, sweet almond & marigold-infused oils; Panthenol Vitamin B-5; Vitamin E; ylang ylang, ginger, & a “citrus blend” EO.

Indian Ocean "All Spices"

Hot Oil Treatment - $20

For all hair types (4 oz.)

Stimulate and revitalize your hair's natural growth potential with this tropical oil blend! 
DIRECTIONS: Massage several drops throughout your dry or damp hair, then wrap with warm towel. Leave on for 30 minutes.
​INGREDIENTS: Curry leaf-infused oil; coconut, avocado, jojoba, foraha, & vanilla oils; and a warm lemon grass, pepper, ylang ylang, neem, curry & clove EO blend; and Vitamin E

Nourishing Apple Cider/

Rosemary-infused Tonic - $25

For hair or skin (8 oz.)

Stimulates hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Rehydrates and tones skin. Anti-aging properties rejuvenate skin and hair. 
DIRECTIONS: Apply when hair is wet; then rinse or leave in. For skin, apply small amount and spread evenly.
​INGREDIENTS: Rosemary & aloe vera juices; ACV; grapeseed, avocado, & foraha-infused rosemary oils; chamomile, lemongrass, and pineapple-sage hydrosols; Vitamin B-5, E & Botanical complex; and Simply Natural EO

All Natural

Healthy Hair Gel - $20

For all hair types (4 oz.)

Shines and nourishes, leaving hair silky and beautiful! 
DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Use on damp hair starting at your roots. Work gel throughout hair. Style as desired
​INGREDIENTS: Aloe vera & flaxseed gels; avocado, jojoba, olive, foraha, & coconut oils; cocoa butter; vegetable glycerin; Vitamins B & E; silk protein; bamboo, algae, & botanical extracts; apple cider vinegar; lemongrass, orange blossom & rosemary hydrosols; and Simply Natural Essential Oil (EO) blend

Simply Organic

Herbal Hair Rinse - $25

For all hair types (16 oz.)

Cleanses and nourishes! Leaves hair shinier and healthier! Restores natural beauty! 
DIRECTIONS: Shake well. Massage through hair from root to tip after shampoo. Leave in for best results. No need to rinse!
​INGREDIENTS: Apple cider vinegar; apple & lemon grass hydrosol; aloe vera, rosemary, ginger, licorace root, jasmine, orange blossom hibiscus, rosehip, chamomile, orange peel & lemon peel-infused juices; green tea; vegetable glycerin; honey; foraha, avocado & coconut oils; Simply Natural EO; and Vitamins B & E.

natural beauty products

Exotic Island Shampoo/

Conditioner - $25

For all hair types (16 oz.)

Leaves hair soft and nourished! Replenishes moisture in hair!Improves body strength and manageability!
INGREDIENTS: Coconut water; saponified coconut, shea, jojoba, olive, avocado, sweet almond & foraha oils; aloe vera leaf & pomegranate juices; glycerin; mango avocado butter; bamboo, plantain & papaya leaf extracts; Simply Natural Blend EO; honey; and Vitamins B & E